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We're both Aries and Heirs of Space!!1!! HELL-FUCKING- YEA!! :333333 LETS GO CREATES SOME PLANETS AND FUCK SHIT UP!!¡¡



I’m sorry for not being active lately, I’m preparing my Japan trip and I’m super busy because isn’t an organized one and I need to organize EVERYTHING by myself. 
In summary, I have no time to draw as much as I’d like BUT I promise a lot of pics and impressions!

I want to soak in the Japanese culture as much as possible, food, fashion, art, history… so, I’M ULTRA EXCITED!

I’m really sorry but is the trip of my life. I promise to you drawings soon! 
Only be a little patient!!
Thanks a lot!

technosuke sent:

Enel + 9!

ayumu-kurosawa sent:

no se si se envio el mensaje a si que por si acaso vuelvo a enviarlo (mil perdones ;-;) habia dicho rose lalonde con el numero 12 (y si no el numero 18) muchas gracias. O//O y perdon .

Rose Lalonde - 12 :)

mikashikato sent:

Laharl number 7?

(((Overlord intensifies))) image

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Maybe Sora from digimon 01 and number 6? `u´

Mmmmm… weird style hahaha, but yeah, here is it.