Little Rose Lalonde :)

Filia Fanart from Skullgirls!!Please, dont repost without permission or erase the caption. Thanks uvu
im doing a thing >B)
Getting ready for halloween, hehehe (9v9)
original oni costume incoming
spooky-celestia said: hhhh your celestia cosplay is so perfect !!! youre gorgeous & have the perfect body type for her !!! im sorry i just cannot believe how AMAZING it is ???? wow thank u for gracing my eyes with your beauty have a wonderful day darling

I said:

oh my god….. you really make me blush, the cosplay isnt even finished and i usually have quite complex with my type body…. u////u thank you so much

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Commission Giveaway winners: 1)Abi-sua's fantroll
Anonymous said: I think a petticoat would make your Celestia cosplay much better!

I said:

yup! That’s why i said “incomig” XDDD
I still haven’t the jacket, the socks and the petticoat :)

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Anonymous said: Hi, I really like all the stuff about the roleplay and what you draw it's fricking awesome. Do you upload only here or there's a fanadventure or something when we can read it completely?

I said:

God, I’m so glad you like it… Thank you so much!! ;///;

And… nope, I don’t have another blog or a fanadventure but I’ve been thinking about it a few days. For the moment, my friends and me chating with pesterchum and we upload our logs to a common file we have in google drive.

The problem is that we roleplay in spanish but all of them speak english really well so, I guess they can help me to translate some important parts of the rol. I’d like maybe to make another blog to post some things of the adventure bc sometimes I feel bad posting all this fan stuff here but… for the moment i dont have so much material, i guess :/

Anyway, if people are interested in the story (you aren’t the frist person to ask me) I would be delighted to show the story ´v`

I probably will upload a character’s file soon haha

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