Im not very proud of this one but whatever.
My friend Aka is sad because she feels that her art isnt recognized no matter how much she strives, so i want to cheer her with this drawings of her.
Still working and you'll get it!
(im sorry for the bad quality ;_;)

neko-zacharie said: -And you're just awesome. >:3c

I said:

Thank you so much ;//_//; I haven’t been feeling well lately so this encourages me.

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buttb00b-mcgee said: Yaaas guro yaaas

I said:

I feel a little dark lately uvu

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neko-zacharie said: I'm wondering what kind of pen you use for your fabulous art. I also came here to say that your art is great. :3cc

I said:

Aah, thank you :,) I normally use some ink calibrated markers and a rechargeable ink brush. I use too thin markers and copics for the color.

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