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I had a disturbing dream few days ago.
buttb00b-mcgee said: We're both Aries and Heirs of Space!!1!! HELL-FUCKING- YEA!! :333333 LETS GO CREATES SOME PLANETS AND FUCK SHIT UP!!¡¡

I said:


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I’m sorry for not being active lately, I’m preparing my Japan trip and I’m super busy because isn’t an organized one and I need to organize EVERYTHING by myself. 
In summary, I have no time to draw as much as I’d like BUT I promise a lot of pics and impressions!

I want to soak in the Japanese culture as much as possible, food, fashion, art, history… so, I’M ULTRA EXCITED!

I’m really sorry but is the trip of my life. I promise to you drawings soon! 
Only be a little patient!!
Thanks a lot!

Happy Gay Pride Day u//v//u
Team Fortress updates… more like…. CONGAAAA!!!! XDDDD

Gift for my japanese teacher. Today it was the last class :)
Poniko. Palette number 17